Simple changes, big effects

We’ve reduced plastic use and waste dramatically over the last year.

The scoop bins are cool! The result being no one pays for the plastic and printing and in most cases that equals 40-50% saving when scooping!

If you come in the shop with a container, there are scales to weigh it. Fill it up and we do a simple take that from this times that and come up with a price! Delivered is normally a brown paper bag. 

If James is at the till, please be patient… He may look confused and it may take some time but 11 times out 10 he’ll get the maths wrong and you’ll walk away with a bargain!


Porridge Oats
Family Muesli
Jumbo Oats
White Basmati Rice
Brown Basmati Rice
Arborio Rice
Red Lentils
Soup Mix
Puy Lentils
Mixed Dried Mushrooms
Sun-dried Tomatoes
Ground Almonds, sliced almonds
Chick Peas
Chocolate Peanuts
Yoghurt Raisens
Bombay Mix
Mango Chunks
Dried Apricots

Mixed Nuts

Mixed Seeds
Sunflower Seeds
Omega Mix
Bird Seed